Turns This Reason Of Playing Cannot Stop

Everyone does not like defeat in terms of any game, even those who are already addicted to gambling. But still they can’t stop betting. If you know the dealer always wins, why do you still want to play? Gambling addicts say that, even though they often lose, there are always calls that bring them back to the card table or slot machine.

Then, how can they still enjoy gambling even though they have suffered defeat?

The survey of 5,500 gamblers was carried out, the most answers from the gambling players, “winning a lot of money” was the strongest factor to continue playing. Then followed by the reason “because this is a fun thing”, then “because gambling is an exciting thing”. Some gambling players reasoned, “Even if you lose gambling, your body still produces adrenaline and endorphins”. Another thing that includes a lot is, “Playing gambling is like someone who buys entertainment.”

Researchers from the University of Stanford in California, found that about 92% of gambling players had “lost their limits” that they could not let go of.

Psychologically, players seem to be quite satisfied with small wins, then they will tolerate small losses and give signals that opportunities are always open.

According to the researcher, gamblers are actually aware that in the long run, they will lose more than win. However, every defeat experienced by gamblers will be a boost to gain victory in the future. The gamblers have expectations of gazing at victory even though they are losing continuously. In the end after the defeat, when the gamblers finally won, they immediately had extraordinary excitement.

This shows from the understanding of increased activity in the area of ​​the brain that is connected to the dopamine nerve. Dopamine is a complex nerve transmitter, the emotional condition associated with excitement is greatly influenced by Dopamine. After the number of defeats experienced by a player, when the conditions turn to victory, the dopamine produced will be very much resulting in this extraordinary excitement.

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It is the same as some of the knowledge that has existed since time immemorial, that a person will become happier after experiencing misery first. But logically this should be different from gambling, because a player should have backed up if he loses continuously in bets.

Especially in gambling, not many know about machine design on player behavior, for example, many machines and casinos use red or similar which are considered more stimulating. Then there are also sounds and sounds. Griffiths thought of the possibility that the mockery of a machine that created an antagonist character in the Simpsons affected players.

One of the keys to how a person can be addicted to gambling is often a player can bet.

The availability of opportunities for Gambling is related to the level of gambling addiction problems in a society, so the amount of rewards that can be given – and not the actual rewards or even the type of gambling – that give rise to pathological gamblers.

Games and machines are sometimes designed to continue to make players interested by offering substitute prizes, such as extra credit or – after losing – the chances of winning are greater than usual in the next opportunity.

If a player is given a reward or bonus even if it is the smallest, then the person will still respond.

Then another reason is that the player will bring up “skill-shadow” as a justification to get the possibility of the reward.

The point is that the player will try to find, solve the puzzle or “skim” the machine that hasn’t given him the jackpot, hoping that after the mystery is solved, the player succeeds in defeating the machine until he gives him a Jackpot or victory.

All the findings of this study conclude that gambling does not always question victory, but gambling is a process of betting, besides other factors around it that make it fun.

Although gambling addiction cannot be explained by simple sentences, it will always be interesting to see how the excitement experienced by gamblers is related to the structure and style of the game being played.

And keep in mind that gambling is not a troubled obsession, but the game is entertaining even though the player returns with an empty bag.

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